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DEAL was Founded in 1995 with the purpose of distribute consumables and other computer accessories.
We sell a great variety of Brands and all the products inside each Brand,
with best price conditions and excellent delivery times. We sell Genuine Products and also Compatible at a very low price, and help who seeks better prices with same quality.

  • Specialized Technical Assistance in Hardware and Software,
  • We assembly Personalized Equipments for each client,
  • We also configure workstations, for personal use and professional use.
  • We also install Operational Systems and most Applications for APPLE and WINDOWS,
  • We give help to a major Brand of Printers Laser and some Inkjet models,
  • and we also have Electronic Computer Repairments and other stuff like Monitors, Chargers, and so on...

  • At last, we are Distributors and Specialists of difficult access products on the Market

          and in most cases we have them exclusively.

  • We go to Clients house, and in our work Range we don't charge for our  transport.
          Please inform yourself to know if your Area is inside our free Range Access.